UCLA Anderson Loeb Awards

Normally, I would not consider a corporate job an entry in the News section but this one is the exception. Every year I photograph the UCLA-Anderson School of Management Gerald Loeb Awards. Currently hosted by Tyler Mathisen of CNBC, annually it gives awards to journalist of all media and markets,  from small local newspapers to cable and network news organizations, for excellence in financial news reporting.

I am posting this for two reasons. First, as Tyler Mathisen remarked in his opening statement,”In 2008, financial news was the news.” Financial journalist were at the front line reporting what was and is happening in our world today and they all need to be recognized. Secondly, more and more newspaper and magazines are either filing for bankruptcy or simply disappearing. I think if you explore their website and read some of the articles, you would see that newspapers and magazines are not only needed but help shoulder the success of a democracy.

The articles that have been nominated are not just about stocks, bonds and the Dow. They are about business large and small and how they affect our everyday lives, resources and family decisions. Here are few links to articles that I found incredibly interesting:

1. Message in a Bottle by: Charles Fishman

2. Investigative Report: Nail gun safety under fire as injuries soar
Dangerous models sold despite years of warnings
By Andrew McIntosh The Sacramento Bee

3. Driven: Shai Agassi’s Audacious Plan to Put Electric Cars on the Road
By Daniel Roth Wired Magazine

4. The King Of Sushi Growing Demand For Sushi Is Having A Big Impact On The Bluefin Population By CBS News

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