Jeremy Keats Saladyga

Jeremy Keats Saladyga’s photography career began in 1994 after graduating from Parsons School of Design, with honors. Since then, he has traveled the world photographing personal, editorial, events and corporate projects for a diverse group of clients. His photographs have appeared in People, Antiques International, Latitudes, Time Out New York and In Style and his clients include Knoll, Michael Davis Architects, The Museum of Modern Art, Blinding Edge Productions/M.Knight Shamalan and Partizen Productions. Jeremy’s personal work has been presented in prestigious galleries like The Michael Foley Gallery, The Museum of the City of New York, and The University of Bridgeport and his work is also included in many personal art collections. He was juried into the Silvermine Guild of Artist in 2007 were he is currently an active member.

Jeremy Saladyga’s approach to photographing architecture and interiors is to let the designs speak for themselves. Using supplemental lighting, composition and arrangement, he attempts to have his photographs remain true to the designer’s vision while making the environment he photographs look the best it can. Jeremy believes that the architect has considered the light in the space that they have designed. His photographs attempts to remain true the light of the space using only supplemental lighting to accent or highlight each scene.

With a candid, unobtrusive style and a keen eye, Jeremy successfully captures the natural beauty, emotion and moments that tells the story of peoples most special events. From weddings to 50th anniversaries, Jeremy maintains a sense of self-style while understanding and delivering on clients’ desires. He has been hired to photograph couples weddings from New York City to London, from Asia to the Caribbean. Jeremy has photographed weddings large and small from modest and low key to the celebrity and extravagant.

Jeremy’s portraits combine his approach to candid photography and his use of the sitter’s environment, whether it is a living room or a black backdrop, to tell a story of a person in a single photograph. Jeremy loves to include a person’s hand in his portraits. In mid gesture or just as support, hands tell a lot about a person. They not only add to the story but they can help complete it.

Jeremy personal work is on going and always in flux. “Along the Path” is a set of biographical images not necessarily from any one particular project. It is a collection of images from his travels whether abroad or through his own back yard. These images represent how he sees the world around him. This is an ongoing gallery where new images will be posted continually. Sky/Sea represents his love of the ocean. It truly began when he was a child on the beach mesmerized by the strength of the line that separates the sky and ocean. New work will be posted as a particular project comes to fruition.