Rainbow over 59th Street Bridge in NYC

Last week, I was photographing a 60th Surprise B’day party in an amazing apartment in the city. After the big surprise, the guest were to head up the stairs to a wrap around deck about 50 flights up in the air for diner. Just before the party was to begin, while I was shooting some decor photographs on the deck, we noticed a rainstorm over NJ which looked like it was heading north.


After assuring the event planner, Gallia Batt of Food Design, that it looked like the storm was heading north, I finished photographing the decor and headed inside to photograph the guest arriving. About 30 minutes into the party, the beautiful view outside the window disappeared into white oblivion and torrential rain came down. Needless to say the outside party was not going to happen.
After the big surprise, I noticed out that same window that a rainbow was in the sky. From that point of view, it looked like an everyday nice rainbow that you see a few times a year. Even though I thought it was not spectacular, I headed back to the deck to take a photo for the clients. Once up there my jaw dropped. It was a full rainbow, I mean a double rainbow, start to finish over Queens. It did not look real! The photo below says it all:


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